Cappadocia & Taurus

       First we discover the uniqueness of Cappadocia. In the summertime it’s real joy to walk through this amazing and limestone area. There are wild flowers everywhere; isolated gardens that abound with fruits and vegetables. We follow old paths to visit the rock-cut churches, monasteries and cave dwellings, all of which are set against a textured moonscape of bizarre volcanic erosions. Then we’re ready to tackle a week’s moderate to strenuous trekking through mighty Taurus range passing glistening mountain lakes. This is an embarkation on a challenging and adventurous 7-days trek through the Taurus Mountains towards the rich and fertile plains of Southern Turkey. The formation of Taurus range is continued as rocky promontories and Islands. An intricate topography of lofty gorges and compact valleys make this part of the Taurus (known as Aladaglar) a very attractive challenge to trekkers like us. Nomadic groups inhabit the high meadows or pastures during the summer months of June to September - in particular, the yorük, who are Turkoman in origin and whose traditional occupation is grazing their goats and sheep. On our trek, we will often meet with the hospitality of nomads and local villagers of this area.
itinerary dossier:  
Day 1 : Ankara
Meet at the airport and transfer to the hotel.
Day 2 : Ankara - Ihlara valley
Leaving the capital city behind, we head south east towards Cappadocia. We pass the massive ‘ Tuz Golu’- one of the salt lakes in Turkey and also stop at the 13th century Agzikarahan caravanserai. It is constructed to develop the trade about at every 40km. The gate is a fine example of Seljuk architecture and is a reminder that we are travelling one of the ancient caravan routes linking Asia to Europe. Arriving to Selime village where we begin our first walk , at the northern end of the Ihlara valley and overnight in the valley itself. Overnight in regular camp with shower and WC. 5 h.
Day 3 : Ihlara Valley - Cappadocia
The Ihlara valley, due to its morphological formation, has proved to be a potential seclusion and worship area for monks and priests and to high away and defence area for people. During our 4 hours walking, we'll have opportunity to visit several churches with good conserved frescoes. Our lunch-breach is in Ihlara village. In the afternoon we join our bus and drive to the centre of Cappadocia where we’ll spend night in regular camp with shower and WC.
Day 4 : Akvadi – Goreme
We trek thorough the Akvadi (white valley) eroded so perfectly by time, rain and wind during centuries. On our way following a seasonal river, many strange curious rock formations and fairy chimneys round us. In 3h walk our way gets us up to Uchisar. We visit Uchisar citadel that walking up to the top where we will have panoramic view on all the surrealist Cappadoccia area. In the afternoon we follow a path to the Pigeon valley, and we will see some pigionaries that is holy for Moslem people. at the end of the walking we arrive to Göreme village. Overnight in regular camp with shower and WC. 5 h.
Day 5 : Cappadocia - Taurus Mountain
This morning we leave the surrealistic Cappadocian area and drive to Taurus range. En route visit of the fascinating underground city of Derinkuyu. (8 floors on 57 m under the ground). On arrival in Cukurbag, the trailhead village, we have a lunch-breach in a guesthouse and we begin our Trans-Taurus trek with 3 h hike to Emli valley. Overnight camp with all meals 1850 m. Depending of the season, we may get in contact with some nomadic families. Overnight camp with all meals. Ascent = 200 m - Descent = 0 m
Day 6 : Alaca Plateau
After breakfast, we trek up to the Alaca plateau (2450 m) passing through the pine forest of Emli Valley. After picnic we may discover the exceptional scenery of the area. On the warm-up trail we may see some local people coming from different villages of the area. Return to our campsite at 1850m. Total trekking time 5/6 hours. Overnight camp with all meals. Ascent = Descent = 600 m.
Day 7 : Emli - Sokullupinar
We go up to the Siyirmalik Valley before climbing up to the high pastures of the Eznevit Yayla (2538 m) with a magnificent panoramic view of all the Southern slopes of the Aladag range. Depending on the time of year, we may encounter the nomads of this area grazing their flocks. After lunch we gradually descend to our campsite at Sokullupinar. About 5/6 h. walking. Overnight camp with meals. 2000m. Ascent = 638 m - Descent = 488 m.
Day 8 : Cýmbar canyon
The day is to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the northern face of Mount Demirkazýk (3756 m). More impressive scenery as we trek through the impressive Cimbar Canyon. We pause in the Demirkazýk village (1550m) for a while to absorb the scenery and have lunch-break in a village house. We’ll contact with the habitants of the village whose lifestyle hasn’t change for centuries. It may be possible to observe some women spinning wool and working on their looms. We return to Sokulupýnar camp site on a footpath. 5 h. walking. Overnight camp with all meals .Ascent = Descent = 450 m
Day 9 : Sokullupinar - Yedigoller
Trek to the Yedigoller plateau (Seven lakes) valley, with its areas surrounded by spectacular mountain walls offering wonderful photo opportunities. We cross the celikbuyduran pass 3450m. Descending to our camp maybe will we be lucky to be invited into the black goat-hair tents of nomads for refreshment. Overnight camp with all meals at 3100 m. (6-7 hours trekking time). Ascent = 1450 m - Descent = 300 m
Day 10 : Yedigoller- Mt Embler
Trek to Mt. Embler and take advantage of the easy ascent to the summit 3723m. Splendid scenery opens up with the chance to see the whole Taurus range included Mt. Bolkar and other summits (Mt Hasan and Mt Erciyes). Ascent and descent takes about 4 h. Afternoon free to relax or visit the lakes and nomads. Overnight camp with all meals at 3100 m. Ascent = 623 m - Descent = 623 m.
Day 11 : Yedigoller - Sogukpinar
Trek through the canyon-like Hacer valley and camp at Sogukpinar (Cold Spring) at 1800 m. On the way to our camp we will trek through beautiful pine forests, meet nomads called Yoruk and certainly be invited into their tents as their guests. Our campsite is impressive with majestic views of the Hacer valley. Night fire will be arranged. Overnight camp with all meals.6 h. Ascent = 0 m - Descent = 1300 m.

Day 12 :
Sogukpinar - Selale
We trek through a beautiful pine forest and camp near some waterfall 1000 m, (about 5/6 hours walking). On the way we pass through Barazama village, where life has not changed for centuries. The people are very poor, but very friendly and hospitable. In the afternoon we continue to our camp by the waterfalls (Selale) along the Barazama River. On the way we pass some large pools which are perfect for a refreshing swim. Overnight at camp, down to the waterfalls in a small village Kucuk Cakýr with all meals. Ascent = 0 m - Descent = 800 m
Day 13 : Kayseri – Istanbul
In the morning drive to Kayseri airport and fly to Istanbul. Transfer to Hotel and afternoon free. Overnight hotel
Day 14 : Istanbul
Free day: you can visit yourself the old sight of what was the capital of the civilised world. Topkapi palace, the Blue Mosque, chapel of St Sophia. Stroll in the world's biggest covered market then spend the Afternoon shopping or visiting sites of interest at your leisure. Overnight at hotel *** .
Day 15 : Istanbul - Home
Transfer to the airport and fly home.
Summits : Mt. Embler 3723m
Season : June – October

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